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prepping for a chit-chat with dangerous BoB

I can't believe it's already May! I feel like we always say this, but this year really has gone by fast! haha It's already almost Intergalactic Expo!

Intergalactic Expo is *this* Sunday, May 5th in West Sac. It features all things geeky, sci-fi-y, and custom creations-y. This is the place to find an incredible replica of the Delorean, for realsies life-sized robots of R2D2 and BB8 THAT MOVE, and awesome cosplays of storm troopers!

And. AND. Super nerdy, super approachable celebrities. Last year I got to stick my finger in Jeffrey Weisman's mouth and this year I get to interview his friend Dangerous BoB!

Dangerous BoB was a Props Master who worked on Psycho 2 & 3, ScarFace and the Back to the Future triology. I GET TO LEAD THE Q&A WITH HIM OMG I AM STOKED.

He's seriously in the Delorean.

AAAAAAAAaaaaAAAaaaaAaAaAAAa I should log off and make sure all my questions are ready but holy jeebus I'm excited!

I'm representing Jocks, Geeks & Nerds for this interview ~ so if you're unable to be there, you can watch it live on our Facebook. ^_^

Okay, okay, for real. Back to prepping! xD

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