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Millie Jean Warren

Photography by Kathryn Kingsley

     An excitable and easily-distracted tour guide by day, and a committed, adorkable improviser who mistakes French marine researcher Jacques-Cousteau for the dopey detective Jacque Clouseau by night.

      I’m a small town girl with a big city vibe . . .Just like my home town Sacramento! The surface might seem a little plain, but that’s just because you’re unfamiliar with it.  Step into this world, and you’ll find an energetic personality that has no boundaries!

     Exploring a strange, new place can be scary. Don’t worry. I’m here for you. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla actually asked me to be their eccentric best-and-only-female-friend in several episodes of their popular webseries SMOSH! Looking to steal a car because you don’t want to use public transportation? That’s cool. I actually have experience *attempting* to steal a car as a confident but inept thief in the award-winning short “Jacked.” I didn’t actually steal it though . . . So, we may want to call an Uber.

      Engaging in shenaniganery is what I’m all about. You can find me performing Saturday night’s in the Dinner Detective (a murder mystery dinner show!) as the friendly and intense detective ~ or, you might see me at the local California Film Arts Alliance meetings on Tuesdays receiving feedback on an short film, It's For Exposure I’m creating.  Whatever the adventure, I’m down. 

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