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You're worth being paid for your work

How often do people ask you to work for exposure? Sometimes it's someone offering to refer you "to all their friends," an influencer offering to tag your page, or a multi-million dollar company offering to pay you with perfume (real story). If someone finds value in your work, you are worth being paid for it.

"It's for Exposure" pokes fun at a common experience for many creatives: Being asked to work for free. In our story, Ximena and Abby, kids party entertainers, turn the tables on a client expecting them to work an all-day event for free.

Thank you to everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign. With your contribution, we shot a third of the film! Our goal for 2020 is fundraising our entire budget so we can give jobs to our actors and crew once again ~ and shoot the entire script!

Details TBA.

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